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Technical and Business Assistance

Many SBIR-awarded small businesses choose Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) vendors to assist with commercializing their technologies. Some SBIR-awarding agencies provide designated supplemental TABA funding (Up to $6,500 for Phase I, and up to $50,000 for Phase II) to awarded companies so they can hire the vendor of their choice for commercialization assistance, but not all agencies provide TABA funding. OK Catalyst's TABA Lab will provide assistance to Phase I-awarded companies regardless of whether TABA funding is included in their contracts. 


The purpose of TABA is to assist SBIR/STTR Awardees in: 


  • Making better technical decisions on SBIR/STTR projects;  

  • Solving technical problems that arise during SBIR/STTR projects;  

  • Minimizing technical risks associated with SBIR/STTR projects; and   

  • Commercializing the SBIR/STTR product or process, including intellectual property protections. 


Participants can use their TABA funding for, or receive in-kind through their funding agencies, a variety of services including – but not limited to – assistance with product sales, intellectual property protections, market research, market validation, and development of regulatory plans and manufacturing plans. 


What to Expect from the OK Catalyst TABA Program 

OK Catalyst's TABA program is focused on helping SBIR Phase I-awarded companies earn Phase II awards and beyond. During the TABA Lab, OK Catalyst will provide you with guidance on how to write a successful Phase II proposal, how to commercialize your technology, and how to build connections within the Oklahoma entrepreneurial ecosystem for commercialization support. In addition, OK Catalyst can provide other technical and business support – including prototype development, market research, and more – through assistance from our staff or in partnership with our sister programs located in the Tom Love Innovation Hub at the University of Oklahoma. Ultimately, this program’s mission is to help you overcome the Innovator's Valley of Death – supported by Phase II award funding – to reach goals of venture capital funding, contracts and commercialization success.

Alumni Network 

The OK Catalyst Alumni Network is a pilot program designed to foster networking and mentorship connections between past program participants who have won SBIR awards and current program participants who are advancing through the SBIR process. 

The Alumni Network features a private forum on our website for program participants. There, we will share your contact information to foster networking connections with other participants, as well as news, resources, and other updates. In addition, the forum offers a message board for participants to ask and answer questions about the SBIR process and other business subjects.

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