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Begins Sept 1!

Your BEST Chance To Win Funding Is The Department of Defense!

The DoD invests $1.8 BILLION in SBIR/STTR funding each year, which is roughly 50% of the overall SBIR/STTR budget! Additionally, it invests in the most diverse portfolio of technologies, so chances are they're looking for exactly what you're developing! 

To help you get a piece of this nearly $2 billion pie to launch a new product and grow your business, we offer an all-virtual, completely FREE course that guides you through the process of constructing a competitive Phase I proposal. 


Are You A Good Fit For SBIR Funding?

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Mark your calendar

Thurs., Feb. 10 - Proposal Submission Deadline

Ready to Apply?

There Are Just TWO Simple Steps!


Please email ONE slide onlyusing the template below, that summarizes your innovation's technical merit (why it's better than anything else currently being used).

Please include visual aids, e.g. graphics, photos, CAD drawings, etc., that will help us understand your research, work, and technology better.

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Please send questions to


Your Technology Could Be Vital in NASA's Moon To Mars Mission!

Not familiar with Moon to Mars? It's an innovative and sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to send humans farther into space and bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities.


Learn more at

How it Works

We'll Help You Connect

The very first step in the NASA Accelerator is communicating and networking with the right people. Because the SBIR/STTR program is highly competitive, you need a competitive advantage! One of the most important aspects of submitting a NASA SBIR proposal is finding the right connection at one of the NASA Centers who will champion your research or technology.

Find a Topic 

NASA will release funding topics, which are short descriptions of problems that you can be funded to solve. You will need to identify a specific topic that you believe you can create a solution for in order to apply to our accelerator. 

1-on-1 Mentorship

Our staff of SBIR/STTR experts will meet with you to answer questions and provide feedback on your strategy, partners, proposal, budget, and all factors that affect success in the NASA proposal writing process. 

Proposal Review

We will be your second set of eyes to make sure your proposal is top-notch. In the final review process, our team will offer feedback to get your proposal from good to great. 

Submission Deadline

First, you will submit your proposal to NASA via their web portal, and second, you will celebrate a job well done!

Applications Are Now Closed