OK Catalyst Alumni & SBIR/STTR Awarded Small Businesses

Babel Analytics

Researchers, DoD SBIR Accelerator, NIH SBIR Accelerator

A handheld medical decision support tool that allows primary care physicians to rapidly assess retinal health using AI. 

Tulsa, OK

Catherine Ha, Co-founder & CEO

William Booker, Co-Founder & CTO


DoD SBIR Accelerator

Cutting-edge software applications built for military operators by military operators. Connecting troops, communities, and businesses to save lives, time, and resources.

Enid, OK

Tony Weedn, Founder


DoD SBIR Accelerator

Embedded systems design workflow and content platform that allows custom embedded application hardware to be effortlessly virtualized. 

Tulsa, OK

Jonathon Torkelson, Founder

Excitant Therapeutics

NIH SBIR Accelerator

Pre-clinical ophthalmic research to enhance the current standard of care for ophthalmic diseases.

Oklahoma City, OK

Younghwa "Henry" Shin, Ph.D., Founder & CEO


DoD SBIR Accelerator

A web and mobile application that streamlines the process of connecting foster parents with children in need.

Oklahoma City, OK

Daniel France, Founder

Ghost Display

DoD SBIR Accelerator

OLED displays without rigid, fragile, and opaque TFT backplanes for real-flexible and high-transparent display screens. 

Tulsa, OK

DoYoung Kim, Ph.D., Founder 

MITO Material Solutions

NSF SBIR Accelerator

A proprietary graphene functionalization technique that allows the development of hybrid polymer modifiers for use in all industries. 

Indianapolis, IN

Haley Keith, Co-founder & CEO

Kevin Keith, Co-founder & Head of Product

Next Frontier

DoD SBIR Accelerator

Software suite of novel computational tools for fast, efficient, and reliable prediction of complex hypersonic flows relevant to high-speed ISR missions.

Norman, OK

Prakash Vedula, Founder


DoD SBIR Accelerator

Virtual reality-enhanced training to create realistic workplace experiences and allow employees to take risks while working in demanding environments. 

Oklahoma City, OK

Greg Hallman, Founder & CEO

Raven 3D

DoD SBIR Accelerator

Direct ink writing technology to significantly improve layer stacking and allow for rapid microwave-curing.

Norman, OK

Blake Herren, Co-founder & Director of R&D

Ryan Cowdery, Co-founder


DoD SBIR Accelerator

Technology procurement framework to help solve issues around part obsolescence, the absence of technical data packages, and outdated manufacturing methods.

Duncan, OK

Michael Morford, Founder & CEO


DoD SBIR Accelerator

A long-range weather forecasting model for tornados, hailstorms, and severe winds.

Norman, OK

Ashton Robinson Cook, Ph.D., Founder


DoD SBIR Accelerator

A Robotic Docking and Interchange Station that can truly link the global market of drones into a truly autonomous unit.

Tulsa, OK

Brian Meier, Founder 

201 David L. Boren Blvd.
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 325-7804
4502 E 41st Street, Office 209
Tulsa, OK 74135
(918) 660-3227

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