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Meet the GreenTech National Funding Lab Inaugural Cohort

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

As it becomes more evident that our world is in desperate need of sustainable solutions, OK Catalyst launched the GreenTech National Funding Lab, focused on supporting companies developing "green" technologies. Over the next 12 months, OK Catalyst will mentor these game-changing founders, help them identify and apply for federal funding opportunities within the SBIR/STTR programs, and connect them to valuable resources for early-stage startups. The GreenTech National Funding Lab is made possible by funding from the Small Business Administration, which allowed us to open applications to startups across the United States.

Check out the 10 companies that made the cut!


San Diego, CA

Aequor is on a mission to replace toxic biocides with “green” alternatives that replace toxins used in consumer and agro-industrial products and advance the UN’s One Health Goal to control pandemic threats at the 3 vectors of transmission: environment, animals, and humans.


Kailua, HI

Ai.Fish was formed to bring the latest in artificial intelligence research to problems in marine sustainability and conservation. Ai.Fish is capable of speeding up some of the most time-consuming parts of the Electronic Monitoring review process for marine ecosystems including preprocessing, catch detection, active learning, and integration.


Oklahoma City, OK

Through Project WATT, AMPERe Inc. is on a mission to conduct high-tech Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Consulting of Clean-tech, Sustainable Hydrogen Single-Stroke Internal Combustion Engines (H21CE), and other clean TwoStroke engines for stationary applications, military armed vehicles, and ultralight aviation mobility propulsion systems.


Norman, OK

American Prime Sustainable Solutions (APSS) is committed to supporting the growth and development of the agricultural sector. Using cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics to improve farm operations, identify growth hotspots, and provide the tools for data-driven decision-making in this sector.


Norman, OK

There is too much carbon in the atmosphere and not enough in agricultural soils. Bison Underground takes unusable organic material from farms, like stalks and leaves, and turns it into a carbon-rich mix to add back deep into farming soil. Which will help farmers obtain better yields, increase crop resilience against extreme weather events, and promote food diversity and security for all.


Provo, UT

Careweather is building toaster-sized weather satellites to power life-saving storm warnings. Veery is a scatterometer in a small flat satellite that uses a rotating pencil beam measurement approach similar to that of QuikSCAT. The flat satellite form factor enables Veery to aerodynamically fly at a lower orbital altitude, which requires less power for radar observations. Veery’s flat form factor also enables increased solar power and heat dissipation. Veery enables a network of scatterometers capable of mapping global winds every hour at 3 km resolution.


Norman, OK

GPS is a technology company founded to develop novel technologies and products in low carbon and green energy arenas such as geothermal, hydrogen and carbon capture, and underground sequestration. We also develop practical and specialized training courses in different disciplines of energy sectors.


San Diego, CA

SeaDrone isan end-to-end hull inspection solution that can inspect a vessel in 1 hour and create a certified report that can be quickly shared with your stakeholders. Collaborate with classification surveyors and your cross-disciplinary team in real-time while saving on travel time and travel costs using SeaDrone Remote-Live Streamer.


Oklahoma City, OK

Utopia Plastix is a woman and minority-owned business that has developed a plant-based alternative for petroleum-based plastics. Through their research and development, Utopia Plastix has a patent-pending process that allows resin to be used in any plastic application. With manufacturers across the country, they have produced samples of finished goods including straws, bags, spoons, forks, knives, film, and a variety of containers.


Somerville, MA

VIA was founded in 2016 with a mission to make clean energy more reliable and cheaper than traditional alternatives. Today, VIA’s secure digital collaboration platform is helping infrastructure companies and governments, including those with a similar mission, collaborate to solve some of the world’s toughest analytical problems together.


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