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OK Catalyst to Extend NSF Training Opportunities in 2022

If you've developed a game-changing technology, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is looking for scalable solutions to the world's biggest problems and your idea could be the next fix. Everything from Artificial Intelligence, biomedical and environmental technologies can be found in NSF's portfolio of investments; with such a wide range of technology focus areas and investments up to $2 million, NSF is a popular choice for researchers across the nation looking to launch their research to market.

How can OK Catalyst help?

OK Catalyst provides training and mentoring to help leading researchers create the perfect pitch to be invited to submit a proposal to NSF. We'll help you create a pitch that has the right competitive edge NSF is looking for. Unlike many other government funding agencies, NSF requires applicants to be invited to apply for funding but don't fret! The OK Catalyst team has years of experience including extensive knowledge in the SBIR/STTR arena and our state-funded services guide you through a structured program and give you the keys to success. OK Catalyst is funded by OCAST and SBA's FAST programs allowing us to spend more time strategizing ways to help you succeed because when Oklahoma innovation is funded, our entire community benefits.

Disruptive technologies are the way of the future and by seeking those out and shining a light on local technical advancements and revolutionary discoveries, OK Catalyst has fulfilled our goal to help the heartland remain relevant in our ever-evolving knowledge-based economy.

How can I learn more? First thing is first, do some research on the NSF SBIR website to make sure it's a good fit for your technology, if you have questions you can contact OK Catalyst for a consultation. Second, it's time to write the project pitch, make sure to follow all instructions on the website. Once you've completed your draft, we'll help you fine-tune it before you submit it to NSF. Once you're invited to submit a full proposal, we'll guide you through the process to increase your chances of winning funding.

We're always available to schedule a meeting with you to learn more about you, your technology, and how we can provide resources to help you revise a pitch or proposal to win funding. You can click this link to schedule a meeting with OK Catalyst Director, Sarah Hamby.


For more updates from OK Catalyst, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @OKCatalyst and subscribe to our mailing list.

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