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Heartland Technology Could be Vital to Lunar Missions

The OK Catalyst NASA Accelerator kicked off its 8-week program focused on providing visionaries the opportunity to connect and build relationships with NASA Centers across the nation to increase their chances of success. Innovators from industries like aerospace technology, biomedical, biotechnology, and agriculture technology have been chosen to participate in this competitive program affording them the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring, business development training, and network connection opportunities. For over 30 years, Oklahoma has been overlooked as a destination for NASA to find cutting-edge technology; in 2020, OK Catalyst changed that narrative, and our team is excited to advance the notion that innovation developed in the heartland is relevant and critical to upcoming missions. The Moon to Mars and Artemis Program need technology-focused entrepreneurs to produce solutions to complex problems and OK Catalyst has been a driving force for those entrepreneurs to become recognized and funded. According to NASA, technology has been the lifeblood of lunar success over the past 50 years.

"We’ve been studying Mars for more than 50 years and maintained a robotic presence there since 1997. With the Perseverance rover, Ice Mapper and the Mars Sample Return missions all on the horizon, we’re getting closer to answering questions like whether there was - or is - microbial life on the Red Planet." - Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Science Mission Directorate Associate Administrator

SBIR programs are competitive, award-based programs that enable innovators to explore their technological successes through commercialization of their product or research. The NASA Accelerator is designed to help propel those inventions and the bounds of humanity forward. By recruiting and training these tech experts, SBIR programs can diversify the high-tech innovation landscape and introduce a new wave of technology. For more information about NASA’s Moon to Mars Mission and Artemis Program and how local technologies can impact these missions, follow this link to the OK Catalyst website to learn about the NASA Accelerator. Stay up-to-date with all news, funding opportunities and events from OK Catalyst by following our page on LinkedIn and subscribing to our newsletter.

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